I received lot of mails from People who read my post Alert Management Web part Mock-up

Business Problem:
In a Project management site, When new project sites created, Project Manager creates alerts for all team members in multiple Lists/Libraries.  Pain point is: He need to manually create alerts by going to each and every list/library >> Alert Me >> and then adding users to keep them informed. Yes, Its a pain for them to add users one by one in all of the lists and libraries,

Solution: we started creating Custom Alert Management web part which will solve this problem.

Key Features:

  • Create Alert for Multiple Lists/Libraries at one stretch
  • Edit/Delete Multiple alerts at one stretch based on Site/Sub-Site/User


Deployment Instructions:
Download the WSP from below CodePlex location, Add & Deploy the solution. Go to Site collection Features and activate the "Alert Management Web Part" Feature and then Add the "Alert Management Web Part" to any page.

Released in Codeplex
I've published this project in Codeplex at: https://alertmanagement.codeplex.com/ , Enjoy!

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drewbo Oct 12, 2012 at 3:58 PM 
Cool idea, I can see the benefits. However, I've installed and I do not see all the lists/discussions as options in the web part. I only see "Documents" and "Site Assets". What is determining the selection of the list/library as options to select?